photo by Jason Larkin

photo by Jason Larkin

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"Super-inventive, dream pop duo drop 4-track EP only on Bandcamp. Difficult to pigeonhole, easy to listen!"

-Bandcamp, "New and Notable Records"

"We Scare Each Other" caught my attention for its unique experimental approach. The intricate layers of instrumentation elicit comparisons to the likes of Broken Social Scene and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, a combination that's sure to win over experimental indie rock fans near and wide."

-Indie Shuffle


"This charming husband and wife team of Julie and Andrew Thoreen kick up quite a maelstrom of sounds, accentuating their synth-and-drum pop with looped vocals running in counterpoint and a snare and bass drum rhythm they refer to as “co-dependent drumming.” They call their music freak-pop. I simply call it delightful."

-Local Current Blog, "Top New Twin Cities Bands to Watch"


"[When seeing Har-di-Har perform live] The words that came out of my mouth were things like "fantastic" and "brilliant" and "operatic" and "what the f#$%." Both singers and musicians, these two think beyond what is possible not only with two people, but within the realm of the average indie song...I do not know any band in which two people share a drumset between them, and it makes the music better instead of worse. Rhythm, pitch, tone, and musicality come like instinct to this pair."

-The Aural Premonition


"The husband and wife duo of Andrew and Julie Thoreen make you feel as if you're getting away from everything and still rushing right into another swarm of something that's going to be just as dicey. There are messes in the garden and there are possibly rabbits without heads that are going to be found on your doorstep. There are weird mysteries slipping here and there, hidden in the footsteps."

Sean Moeller,


"Har-di-Har are a ridiculously talented couple (Julie and Andrew Thoreen) who make really solid, adventurous records. Their music is hard to describe, and I often wonder what they would say if asked what kind of music they make – “Cinematic orchestral indie-pop with choral vocals and great beats”? Suffice it to say that they are gifted arrangers who aren’t afraid to throw a few surprises into their songs, after lulling you into a dream-like state with their lushness.

Har-di-Har make sophisticated music that manages to sound organic and never forced. It’d be nice to see them tackle a full-length album soon, or maybe score a film. They’d be equally great at both."

-Des MOines Music Coalition, Album Review- "Hard Parent/Thick Child"


"The instrumental arrangement of Twin Cities pop duo Har Di Har was among the most unconventional of the festival (outside of Gloom Balloon). Andrew and Julie Thoreen combined to play drums, bass and keyboard structurally arranged in pieces on the Yia Yia’s stage. The keys, snare, and hi hat surrounded Julie, while her partner was left with his bass and remaining pieces of drum kit. Julie sang like a vibrato-heavy Kate Nash while playing a bouncing chord progression on the keyboard with her right hand and tapped her hi-hat/snare combo with her left. Andrew hummed on a five-string bass guitar while stomping a kick drum. At one point, Julie abandoned the keyboard to wail on her side of the frankenkit, creating rolling tribal rhythms. Their coordination alone was impressive." 

-Hear Nebraska, Friday Coverage of Lincoln Calling Music Festival 


Har-di-Har is Julie Thoreen and Andrew Thoreen.  Their music floats somewhere between experimental dream pop, freak folk and a strange musical you probably wouldn’t take your grandma to see.  Paired with evocative, narrative, and at times, vulnerable lyrical content about human relationship to community, their music attempts to boldly examine the reality of intimacy around which our popular culture tiptoes. 

Riding the line of the avant-garde music and performative art genres, their live performance invites the audience in as a familial witness to the vivid, awkward and vulnerable life of their own intimate relationship through performance on stage. Their debut full-length album will be release in Fall 2017.