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Har-di-Har is Julie and Andrew Thoreen. They write and perform chamber/art pop.  Riding the line of the avant-garde music and performative art genres, their live performance invites the audience in as a familial witness to the vivid, awkward and vulnerable life of their own intimate relationship through performance on stage. They live in St. Paul, MN.





"Occasionally reminiscent of other elaborate songwriters like My Brightest Diamond, Dirty Projectors, and Superhuman Happiness, Har-di-Har nevertheless succeed in forging their own distinctive sound—one that's simultaneously cerebral and evocative."

-Thrd Coast

"If you love complex yet undeniably fetching music, you’ll want to hear this."

-Ear Buddy

"Don't stay down," Julie Thoreen demands, on Har-di-Har's first new song in over two years. This single, "We Must Stand Up," rings true to the times, hailing a resistance and their upcoming debut full-length album, we will will you.

-indie shuffle

Art-pop duo Har-Di-Har [...] new single, “We Must Stand Up” [...] is as thoughtful as it is catchy. Julie Thoreen (voice, keyboards, midi sampling) and Andrew Thoreen (voice, guitar, bass, trombone, drums) have created something very unique, music that actually has substance and a rich meaning. A lot of the music around us today is just pumped out quickly for hits and money, but this Saint Paul, MN based band is taking a different route, and the effort shows.

-Impose Magazine

Super-inventive, dream pop duo drop 4-track EP only on Bandcamp. Difficult to pigeonhole, easy to listen!

-bandcamp, "new and notable records"



"This group isn't just putting musical Lego bricks together and calling it new: they've completely reinvented the basic building block. On that level, there is a sense of mystery and discovery lacing the emotional moments as well...The complex collage of sounds in this session is a colorful mudslide of art-pop that music nerds and casual listeners alike will find joy in."

-Paste Magazine / Daytrotter

"Julie and Andrew Thoreen stepped back from the stage to rebuild their personal relationship, assembling their new album, "we will will you," in the thick of conflict and reconciliation... [In "I Will Go Slow,"], a trombone choir and background vocals curl around the music's spare skeleton. Fans of Sylvan Esso should enjoy Har-di-Har's folk components and frantic beats."

-89.3 The Current

"This charming husband and wife team of Julie and Andrew Thoreen kick up quite a maelstrom of sounds, accentuating their synth-and-drum pop with looped vocals running in counterpoint and a snare and bass drum rhythm... They call their music freak-pop. I simply call it delightful."

-local current blog, "top new twin cities bands to watch"